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Jeremy Lovitt, Gabriel Gonzalez, Robbery Suspects, Stranded When Burger King Employee Takes Getaway Car

Looks like they should have used the drive-through.

Two alleged robbers were left high and dry Thursday when a Burger King employee hid their getaway car, Fox 40 reported.

Police in Stockton, Calif., say Jeremy Lovitt, 23, and Gabriel Gonzales, 19, held up the fast food restaurant at gunpoint at about 9:45 p.m.

While the manager and another employee handed over the money, a third employee says he exited the restaurant through the back and noticed that there was a car with the engine running in the parking lot, according to News 10/KXTV.

The employee figured the vehicle was the suspects' getaway car, so he drove it around the corner and hid it, CBS 13 reported.

When the two men ran out of the Burger King, they found their car was gone and attempted to flee, but cops quickly caught up to them.

They were arrested and taken to the San Joaquin County Jail.

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