Jeremy Piven Had Mixed Feelings About Delivering Racially-Charged Insults To Lloyd On 'Entourage'

Ari Gold's temperamental and antagonistic relationship with his loyal assistant Lloyd kept "Entourage" fans in a constant cackle, but behind the scenes, Jeremy Piven was hesitant about some of the material.

The "Mr. Selfridge" actor revealed to HuffPost Live on Wednesday that he was often so taken aback by his "heavy," racially-charged lines toward Rex Lee, the actor who played Lloyd, that he'd warn Lee of what was coming before takes.

"That's when you look at it and say, 'I can't say this to him,'" he recalled, adding that those scenes usually consisted of "a lot of 'fuck you, Yokos' -- that type of stuff."

But Piven can still recognize the art in his "hurtful" scenes, connecting them to the David Mamet literary tradition.

"[Mamet] understands the weight of a perfectly-placed 'fuck,'" Piven said. "['Entourage' writer] Doug Elin I know was influenced by guys like Mamet for sure."

The "Entourage" film hits theaters June 5.

Watch more from Jeremy Piven's HuffPost Live conversation here.

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