Jeremy Roenick: Patrick Sharp 'Doesn't Deserve' To Be Treated Like This

Jeremy Roenick is one of just five American-born players in NHL history to reach the coveted 500-goal mark. Over his decorated career, Roenick earned nine All-Star appearances as well as a silver medal with Team USA during the 2002 Olympics.

The 45-year-old Roenick caught up with me on HuffPost Live to discuss the current state of the NHL and why the safety of the players isn't merely about rule changes. Roenick also talked about his "love" of shootouts, why the Patrick Sharp criticism is unfair and how the league's trade deadline will impact the playoffs.

Find out why Roenick says that Sharp "doesn't deserve" this controversy.

Click below to hear the reason why Roenick is such a proponent of the shootout.

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Click below to see Roenick discuss why "respect between players is diminished."

Correction: A previous edition of this article incorrectly stated that Roenick was one of three American-born players to score 500 goals. He is the third to accomplish the feat, but the article now correctly states that he is one of five to do so.

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