ROAD RAGE: Angry Cyclist Jeremy Santucci Destroys Friend's Bike After Crash


Cyclist Jeremy Santucci threw a temper tantrum after crashing during a race, and smashed the bike he had been riding.

Video from the Red Hook Criterium in Milan on Saturday showed Santucci smashing the bike against the ground and snapping it in half. When people on the sidelines questioned his actions, Santucci said the bike was “already destroyed” from the crash.

Unfortunately, the bike wasn’t his to smash: It belonged to a friend.

I apologize for my actions...hit my head really hard in crash before this footage,” Santucci wrote on Instagram. “When you sacrifice everything, and your emotions get the best of you.”

He sent out a similar apology on Facebook after fans asked about the incident.

When your heart rate is above 190 and you train all year for finals and get crashed out... there are a lot of feelings running through you,” Santucci wrote.

He also reposted a clip showing what led to the crash:

According to Sports Illustrated, Santucci said he replaced his friend’s bike.

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