Jeremy Sisto Talks 'Suburgatory' And Playing A Comedic Character (VIDEO)

Jeremy Sisto has spent much of his career playing dark characters, most notably Billy Chenowith, Brenda's disturbed brother on "Six Feet Under" and detective Cyrus Lupo in "Law & Order." So when he was offered the role of George Altman on the absurdist ABC sitcom "Suburgatory," a single dad who moves the suburbs with his teenage daughter, he was pleasantly surprised.

"You never know as an actor when your ride is done ... and oftentimes procedural dramas can be the end of the line," he told the ladies of "The Talk" (weekdays, syndicated on CBS). "It's great, because I'm probably more of a silly person than some of the other characters I've played."

Another one of Sisto's memorable characters was Elton Tiscia, a rich high school kid who had a crush on Alicia Silverstone's character Cher Horowitz in the movie "Clueless." Silverstone just joined "Suburgatory" as a possible love interest for Sisto's character, proof that his career has come full-circle in more ways than one.

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