Jerome Bettis, NFL Legend, On The Possibility Of Gay Players And Difficulties They Would Face

Are there gay NFL players today? "The Bus" thinks so. Former Pittsburgh Steelers great Jerome Bettis spoke to HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill about the teams he played on, and what a gay player would face if he came out in "such a male driven sport." Bettis said that while there were no out players on the teams he played for, the numbers make it likely that he had gay teammates.

Although several players have come out after their professional careers ended, Bettis said, "because it's so testosterone driven, it'd be really really difficult for a gay player to stand up and say 'hey, I'm gay and and NFL player.'"

Bettis continued that he would have no objection to a teammate coming out, saying of the NFL that "if your play is to the caliber where you belong here, you belong here." The difficulty would come away from the gridiron, Bettis believed as the player would "have to deal with a lot more than on-the-field football issues."

The Bus also spoke about controversies around minority coaches in the NFL, how the game is adapting to the revelations about the dangers of concussions, and his campaign to help educate people about severe allergies and anaphylaxis.