Jerome Corsi, 'Obama Nation' Author, Set To Appear On White Supremacist Radio Show

Jerome Corsi, 'Obama Nation' Author, Set To Appear On White Supremacist Radio Show

So, on last night's Larry King Live, one of the things that Paul Waldman brought up as a way of demonstrating Obama Nation author Jerome Corsi's lack of credibility was his past embrace of bigotry and general scumbaggery, as documented by "a whole series of bigoted and hateful posts" that Corsi "put up on right-wing Web sites." None of which Corsi denied! But, Corsi defended himself by shooting back that Waldman had failed to mention "all my apologies for those statements."

Well, like just about everything else that dribbles out of Corsi's cakehole, you can take those apologies and discount them entirely, because this Sunday, he is set to make an appearance on the well-named "The Political Cesspool" - which, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, is "an overtly racist, anti-Semitic radio show hosted by self-avowed white nationalist James Edwards." In the past, the show has welcomed some marquee names in the hate movement, including "Christian Identity pastor Pete Peters, Holocaust denier Mark Weber and former Klan boss David Duke."

If you can bear a look at some of the show's Great Works, you can do so here. This is how they roll in the Breakaway Republic of Swiftboatistan, all with the clucking approval of mainstream political media darling Mary Matalin, who regards these excrementalist dolts as "great scholars."

UPDATE: Sam Stein reports that he has received an email from Winston Smith, confirming Corsi's appearance on the show. Smith's email reads as follows: "Dr. Corsi's first appearance on our broadcast was very well received. On Sunday's show he'll be talking about his new book about Barak [sic] Hussein Obama. It'll be a fascinating converstaion [sic], and we hope you'll listen in."

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