Jerrod Carmichael Calls Dave Chappelle An 'Egomaniac' Over Anti-Trans Jokes Criticism

Carmichael revealed that Chappelle wanted the HBO star to publicly apologize for his criticism in a new interview.

Jerrod Carmichael is shedding more light on his rift with fellow comedian Dave Chappelle.

In a 2022 interview with GQ, Carmichael called out Chappelle for the anti-trans jokes he made in his 2021 Netflix special, “The Closer,” and now the “Neighbors” actor has revealed that Chappelle felt a way about his remarks.

“He took it as ‘fuck Dave Chappelle,’ because he’s an egomaniac,” the “Poor Things” star said in an interview with Esquire published Monday. “He wanted me to apologize to him publicly or some shit.”

Carmichael went on to clarify his previous GQ comments about the “Half Baked” star, adding that Chappelle is “not revealing anything personal about himself and he’s removed from what he’s talking about.”

“I think he’s smarter than that and deeper than that and has more interesting thoughts,” the comedian said.

Carmichael also claimed that Chappelle mockingly called his 2022 HBO special, “Rothaniel,” in which he publicly came out as gay, “the bravest special for 1996.”

Chappelle’s reps didn’t immediately respond to HuffPost for comment.

Chappelle’s anti-trans jokes in “The Closer” sparked controversy for the comedian after he caught backlash from the LGBTQ+ community.

“Chappelle, do you know what comes up when you Google your name, bro? That’s the legacy? Your legacy is a bunch of opinions on trans shit? It’s an odd hill to die on,” Carmichael said of Chappelle in his 2022 GQ interview. “And it’s like, ’Hey, bro. Who the fuck are you? Who do you fuck? What do you like to do?”

“Childish jokes aside, who the fuck are you?” he continued. “It’s just kind of played. But he’s choosing to die on the hill. So, alright, let him.”

Carmichael’s recent comments on the former Comedy Central star come shortly after the release of his new HBO show, “Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show,” which debuted on March 29. New episodes of the show air on Fridays on HBO and its streaming service, Max.

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