Jerrod Murray, Suspected Thrill-Killer And Student, Confesses To Murder Of East Central University Student Generro Sanchez (VIDEO)

"Yes, ma'am" rarely has such a chilling effect. Watch suspected thrill killer Jerrod Murray confess to murdering fellow East Central University student Generro Sanchez as the accused is peppered with questions by a KOCO reporter.

Murray, 18, of Asher, Okla., already had admitted to law enforcement that he killed Sanchez, 18, of Stuart, Okla. He wanted to experience what it felt like, wrote in reporting the contents of a police affidavit.

Murray was charged Friday with first-degree murder and could face the death penalty. In the affidavit, also covered by the McAlester News-Capital, Murray allegedly said he thought about killing someone for several weeks, and chose Sanchez because he didn't have many friends and thought he wouldn't be missed. He paid Sanchez $20 to drive him to Walmart and pulled a gun on him, ordering him to an isolated area.

The affidavit says Murray shot him in the head and then pushed him out of the truck when it hit a ditch after ignoring repeated pleas to spare his life. Then he shot him again, according to reports. He covered the body with leaves and twigs but was spotted by cops early Wednesday walking alongside the road, the outlet said. He told police he was the guy they were looking for.

Sanchez's parents said they would release a statement when they were ready, but his girlfriend, Jordan Cooper, told TV station KXII: "He'll never hold me again, he'll never kiss me again. All the things we talked about for our future will never happen. It's just miserable."