Jerry and Esther Priddy Should Give Donnybrook Their Castle

As a proper Donnybrookite, I keep my eye out for castles on sale in the greater Denver Metro area, and I've had my eye on Richthofen Castle in the historic Montclair neighborhood for a while now, ever since Donnybrook correspondent Timmy T drove us there one eerie autumn night almost a year ago. Lo and behold, in the midst of a pretty typical neighborhood, a castle emerges, taking up several blocks, shrouded by mystery and lots of creepy trees. Like the Little Sisters of the Poor, a nunnery with foreboding high fences and a groundskeeper's house, where it's rare to see anyone come or go, this was one of my secret creepy fascinations in Denver. For the longest time, this web site was all I could find on the place; then this Denver Post article recently mentioned it being for sale, and now all of a sudden everyone is writing about it! There are pages and pages of web sites about it, almost overnight.

But I feel like this is old news. My trusty old stand-by web site mentioned it being on the market for quite a while now. It's also the site of a gruesome murder that occurred when Gertrude Patterson shot her rich broker husband in the back, saying that he had been abusive - this old timey article from the New York Times linked to below refers to such matters as "matrimonial troubles." Other highlights include the phrasing "alienation of his wife's affections" and "entered a sanitarium for consumptives:"

Gertrude Patterson goes to jail

OK, I'm just going to put this out there: I think Jerry and Esther should give us their castle. I know it's *kind of* a lot to ask, but here's the thing: we don't mind ghosts. In fact, we will take good care of them. Like a bad thriller plot, we will have a ton of seances and allow ourselves to be haunted until the real truth of the murders emerges, and all of the ghosts can lay to rest.

And we will take really good care of the place. We'll water all the crazy plants, and make sure the trees continue to obscure the walls, and keep that fountain running, and we swear we won't try and "modernize" the place like that bastard Edwin Hendrie.

Jerry and Esther, I know you said you didn't want to burden your children with the castle, but we will take on that burden. We're just a bunch of young people who need a castle. To complete our dream! You would be contributing to the arts, since we'd be using it for Donnybrook Manor - a touring musician's hostel - and you could probably write the whole dang thing off!

And lastly, just look at us.

We belong in a castle. It is meant to be! So Jerry and Esther, just think about it and let us know. Mm kay?