Jerry Brown Funeral: Josh Brent Attends Former Cowboys Linebacker's Service With Brown's Family (VIDEO)

In an amazing act of forgiveness, the mother of former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown invited her son's teammate, Josh Brent, to his funeral Tuesday.

Brent has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter in Brown's death. According to CBS, Brent was released on $500,000 bail Sunday.

Police in Irving, Ind., told Sports Illustrated that Brent was speeding when his car hit a curb and flipped over early Saturday morning, just hours before he was supposed to be on the team flight to Cincinnati for a game.

Brown was taken to a Dallas hospital, where he was pronounced dead after suffering blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

Nevertheless, Brown's mother, Stacy Jackson, wanted Brent at her side at her son's memorial service.

According to Yahoo News, Jackson "wanted to be right with Josh and to express in every way she could how much they loved him and thought of him, and didn't want to have him grieve for his loss as a friend without being included in their family."

An hour-long private memorial honoring Brown took place at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas on Tuesday.

According to USA Today, Brent arrived at the service early and was seen hugging Brown's mother before they walked into the building side-by-side.

"The world is a poorer place without Jerry Brown Jr., but it will always be a richer place because he was in it," said the program for the service. "He will live in our memories forever."

Jackson told CBS that she continues to pray for Brent and his family.

“I was upset, but I realized that our youth today are young and stupid, and we were all once that age, and we’ve all done things we’re not proud of,” Jackson said in the CNN video above.

“I realized that everyone thinks they’re invincible, and everyone thinks, ‘it’s not going to happen to me.’ I know Josh Brent, and he’s been part of our family since Jerry went to the University of Illinois -- all I can do is to pray for him and his family. I know [Brent] is hurting just as much as we are, because [he] and Jerry were like brothers.”



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