Jerry Brown's Bargain-Basement Travel Style

A giggly San Francisco Chronicle reporter caught up with Governor Brown at the Sacramento airport as he boarded his Southwest flight solo. Her shaky camera style video (by the Chronicle's aptly-named Shaky Hand Productions) shows the Governor answering in all seriousness when the reporter laughs, "are you really going to fly Southwest by yourself?"

Brown explains that he doesn't have a private jet (unlike his predecessor) and as for his lack of entourage, he replies, "I feel that the people of California are good seatmates." We're guessing Brown wasn't exactly sure why it was so funny, and we're apt to agree with the LA Times' nod to his strategic frugality: his "populist flare could also be an important weapon for Brown as he tries to persuade voters to support billions of dollars in extended taxes. As he begins taking his message to voters around the state, he may be doing it one Southwest flight at a time."

The governor flew to Los Angeles today to give the keynote speech at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Inaugural Dinner. He will address the California budget crisis, explaining the need to cut and streamline the budget while raising taxes to make up the shortfall. LAist reports that the $500-per-plate fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce "is recognized as the premier business and civic leadership event in Los Angeles."