Jerry Lewis Would 'Smack' Lindsay Lohan, 'Spank Her' (VIDEO)

Jerry Lewis, 84, had some choice words for Lindsay Lohan during an interview with Inside Edition (via Popeater).

Asked what he would do if he saw the fresh-out-of-jail and rehab Lohan, Lewis told the interviewer, 'I'd smack her in the mouth if I saw her,' continuing, 'I would smack her in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman.'

When asked what he would then say to her, Lewis responded, "I would say, 'You deserve this and nothing else' ... WHACK! And then, if she's not satisfied, I'd put her over my knee and SPANK her."

And it's not just Lohan's behavior that Lewis is concerned about, it's many of today's younger celebrities, like Paris Hilton, that Lewis is troubled over.

"What they're saying is, 'I'm f**ked up, can you please help me?'"