Cell Phone In Shirt Pocket Thwarts Knife Attack

A Georgia man is lucky to have his life -- thanks to a fortunately placed cell phone.

Jerry Scriver was taking out the garbage from his workplace in Dalton on Friday when a stranger approached him, CBS 46 reports.

"He said something to me in Spanish I didn't understand what he said, he motioned for a cigarette and motioned for money," Scriver told the network.

When Scriver said that he didn't have any money, the man revealed a switch blade.

"He just made a swipe at me and when he swiped you could see he swiped other times and then went this way, and you could see where it stopped is right where my cell phone was. I was pretty lucky," Scriver said.

The blade cut right through Scriver's shirt and struck his cell phone, which he keeps in his front pocket. Authorities are now searching for the suspect, who Scriver says ran off into the nearby woods.

"You never know what will happen, don't take life for granted, enjoy your family, spend time with them, you never know what tomorrow will bring," Scriver told WRCBTV.

It's not the first time keeping a cell phone close to the chest has halted tragedy. In 2013, a Florida gas station clerk's cell phone stopped a bullet during an armed robbery, according to CNN.