Jerry Seinfeld Binge-Watches 'Nothing,' Because He's Jerry Seinfeld

"Am I like, some kind of pioneer or something?"

Jerry Seinfeld made his first appearance at the Emmy Awards in 19 years on Sunday, and The Huffington Post was on the red carpet to grab him for a chat.

The comedian, who was nominated for his Crackle web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” didn’t understand why he was at the award ceremony, considering the show is not actually on television. (It’s a new day and age, Jerry, but we feel you.) Still, despite all that, he didn’t even think he stood a chance when it came down to the competition, telling us that he “would vote for” John Oliver. Luckily for Oliver, Seinfeld’s good juju worked and he took home the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series for “Last Week Tonight.”

But no one can deny the impact Seinfeld has had on television, and comedy in general. “Seinfeld,” which ended in 1998, is still one of the most beloved sitcoms to ever exist, and has found a new following on Hulu. 

“Am I like, some kind of pioneer or something? It’s kind of wild, isn’t it? Here I am, breaking new ground again on TV. My show’s not on TV! Nobody seems to know,” Seinfeld joked to HuffPost about “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” before discussing the “Seinfeld” effect.

“I think it’s nice. Everything’s nice,” he said of fans of the series. “It’s a crazy business, you have to just keep doing things because you love them and hope that people will like it, and so I’m here. I must have done something right.” 

As for how he feels about this new “golden age” of television, Seinfeld admitted that he binge-watches “nothing.” 

Nope, not even “Stranger Things.” 

“I heard that’s good. I would love to see that show. I would love to see all the shows, but I won’t,” he said, talking instead about his interest in comedians. 

“I love the monologue. I love stand-up comedy,” he said.

Watch our full interview with Jerry Seinfeld in the video above. 

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