Jerry Seinfeld Responds After Awkward Larry King Interview Goes Viral

The "Seinfeld" star is setting things straight.

Jerry Seinfeld wants to give the internet some serenity now.

Following the death of Larry King on Saturday, an old interview clip went viral, supposedly showing an uncomfortable exchange between the radio and TV icon and comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

In a video of the 2007 interview, King asks Seinfeld a question about his self-titled sitcom, “Seinfeld,” going off the air, saying, “You gave it up, right? They didn’t cancel you. You canceled them.”

Of course, Seinfeld pretty famously chose for his show to come to an end in 1998, walking away from millions. It’s something he thought King knew, and things seemingly got awkward.

“You’re not aware of this? You think I got canceled?” Seinfeld said, going on to add, “Do you know who I am?

A consummate professional, King still somehow manages to get in a plug for Seinfeld’s animated comedy “Bee Movie.” Though, obviously, that’s not why people are buzzing.

The “awkward” interview has gone viral before, gaining millions of views, showing up online under titles such as “Jerry Seinfeld Rips Larry King,” and getting referenced in various news stories over the years.

Following the video resurfacing yet again, headlines sprang up about the interview, saying King had “irked” the comedian.

Now, Seinfeld is setting things straight.

On Saturday, the comedian responded to the resurfaced video, saying he will miss King and “always” loved him.

The comedian added, “The ‘canceled’ bit was just me having fun with his little mistake. Nothing more. Or less.”

Considering the video has floated around the internet for years, it seems about time that Seinfeld cleared things up. According to the comedian, he was just joking around in the clip. It’s not about ripping into a TV legend.

So like his sitcom, stories blowing things out of proportion are just a lot of show about nothing.

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