Jerry Seinfeld Critiques Jimmy Fallon's Seinfeld Impression, Talks Tour & Web Series On 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

Jerry Seinfeld stopped by "Late Night" Tuesday night for his second time ever and got right to work criticizing Jimmy Fallon's impression of him. Seinfeld's assessment? "A little off."

In the three-part interview, Seinfeld tests the limits of the censors with a joke about his late-in-life marriage, tells Fallon how much he loves "Late Night" (especially Fallon's "Thank You Notes") and talks up his upcoming five-borough stand-up tour of his native New York City.

In part three, Seinfeld gets into his web series, "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," which is kind of ironic consdiering he named it that way so he wouldn't have to explain anything. He also talks about the hilarious Mel Brooks episode that ran last week. How could he possibly top that one?