Jerry Seinfeld Defends Wife's Healthy Cookbook, Does McDonald's Ads

McDonald's newest pitchman: Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry is out promoting "Bee Movie," an animated featured he wrote and in which he stars.

This morning during the "Today" show, the following ad aired:

Mmm, sausage McMuffin. That sandwich has 450 calories, 27 grams of fat, and 95% of your daily cholesterol, to name just some of its nutritional value. Notable as Jerry's wife Jessica is everywhere right now thanks to her new cookbook "Deceptively Delicious," which is full of recipes of everyday food secretly cooked with vegetables. When Jessica appeared on October 9's "Oprah," audience members were told of his affinity for the book's banana bread and his preference for beet-stuffed chocolate cake. He even did a bit on his love of the spinach-packed brownie.

From ABC, 10/9

Did he need the corporate cash infusion? Jerry made an estimated $60 million last year alone.

Meanwhile, on last night's Letterman, Jerry made fun of claims that Jessica stole the idea for her veggie-packed recipes from Missy Chase Lapine, who published a similar book in April.

From CBS, 10/29

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