Jerry Seinfeld Explains His Jokewriting Process In Great Detail To NY Times (VIDEO)

Jerry Seinfeld sat down with New York Times Magazine to explain how he writes jokes, and proved that you don't get to be Jerry Seinfeld without being a total, utter perfectionist about jokewriting.

He may be one of the most famous stand-up comedians in the world, but it's still astounding to watch his muscular work ethic on full display as he explains how he writes a joke about Pop-Tarts. He also shows that he does all his writing by hand -- and even wrote all his Seinfeld scripts on looseleaf paper with Larry David.

Even when he's discussing how writing the segue between a joke about Pop-Tarts and a joke about chimps is "like songwriting," where each syllable counts, it's clear that he has this craft down to a science.

Check out the New York Times video above, and we highly recommend reading Jonah Weiner's lengthy cover story about him in this week's New York Times Magazine.