Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander Seen Outside Tom's Restaurant In NYC (PHOTO) (UPDATE)

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were spotted casually walking into Tom's Restaurant on the Upper West Side Monday afternoon, the coffee shop forever immortalized as Monk's Diner on Seinfeld.

Tipster Ali Phil, today's luckiest woman alive, snapped a photo of the pair strolling along Broadway seen below.

Phil also confirmed to The Huffington Post that a camera crew was seen filming inside Tom's Restaurant. Could Alexander be next on "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?!"

Extra bonus for Seinfeld fans everywhere: The "big, huge, gigantic project" alluded to in his Reddit AMA last week might be a Broadway play WRITTEN BY LARRY DAVID.

Internet, you really delivered today.

Update: Gothamist reports David himself was later seen exiting Tom's right after Seinfeld and Alexander, further exploding the Internet with awesomeness.

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