Someone Called The Cops On Jerry Seinfeld Over A Lemonade Stand

Lemonade enterprise goes sour, but rakes in some money for charity first.

It was a big to-do about nothing.

Some killjoy neighbor called the cops on Jerry Seinfeld and his family for setting up a roadside lemonade stand for charity in East Hampton, New York, the New York Post reported.

In a photo posted to Instagram, Seinfeld, his son Julian and two friends playfully depicted the moment police shut down the stand, posing with hands behind their heads in surrender. An officer and his squad car can be seen in the background.

Proceeds from the lemonade sale went to the Baby Buggy family charity, run by Seinfeld's wife, Jessica. She congratulated the sales team on Instagram, and thanked those who contributed before the whole enterprise went sour.

East Hampton Village Police received a complaint on Aug. 18 about illegally parked cars at the stand, The East Hampton Press reported. An officer arrived on the scene and told the comedian that lemonade stands were not permitted on village property, and that he'd have to shut it down. "No Lemonade For You," the newspaper's headline read, referencing the Soup Nazi' character's "No soup for you!" cry on Seinfeld's hugely popular sitcom.

While Seinfeld's publicist told the paper he could not elaborate beyond the comments on Instagram, a few of Jessica Seinfeld's Instagram followers poked fun at the incident.

"What can you do, you live in a seedy town, from the wrong side of the tracks," one commenter joked. "Lemons are a gateway fruit to bigger and badder things like vegetables."

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