Jerry Seinfeld Has A Weird Baseball Ritual With Matthew Broderick

The comedian is consumed with the game -- and with consuming at the game.

Jerry Seinfeld eats, sleeps and breathes baseball.

Especially the eating part.

“I like eating and watching and not talking too much,” the comedian said in an outtake shared by “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday. (Watch the clip below.) “I really like eating a lot.”

Seinfeld recalled that he was filmed at a game in the early 2000s to keep track of everything he ate. “It was kind of embarrassing,” he said.

But the diehard New York Mets fan might be taking his ballpark food obsession a tad too far with actor Matthew Broderick. The two are frequent companions at games, “but if we don’t go together we always text a list of everything that was consumed,” Seinfeld said. “Every item of food.”

Pace yourselves, you two.