Jerry Seinfeld Reveals What He Does When 'Seinfeld' Comes On TV

The TV icon also speaks about ending the show after nine seasons.

When some people come across “Seinfeld” while channel-surfing, they just have to stop and watch.

Jerry Seinfeld isn’t one of them. 

The star and co-creator of the iconic 1990s sitcom told The New York Times that he skips right past his old show.

“I think there’s a level of focus you need to get something to a certain point creatively, and you pay a price for that, which is you can’t ever look at it again,” he said. 

Seinfeld expanded on that a little in a 2011 interview with PopEater. 

“I think because as much as I enjoy the humor of it, it kind of reminds me of how hard it was to do. I can’t seem to get that part out of my head and just enjoy the show,” he said. “When I watch them, I see my face and I see how I was struggling.”

At the time, Seinfeld said he was “working on it” because he wanted to be able to watch the show. Looks like he’s not quite there yet. 

In the latest interview, Seinfeld expressed no regrets about walking away from the show after nine seasons, despite an offer of $5 million an episode ― or $100 million total ― for one more year.  

“It was the perfect moment, and the proof that it was the right moment is the number of questions you’re still asking me about it,” he told The Times, adding: 

“The most important word in art is ‘proportion.’ How much? How long is this joke going to be? How many words? How many minutes? And getting that right is what makes it art or what makes it mediocre.”


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