Jerry Seinfeld Pockets $22 Million After Selling Collectible Cars

So. Much. Money.

Jerry Seinfeld's wallet is about to get a whole lot thicker. 

The "Seinfeld" star sold 17 (yes, 17) of his collectible cars at an auction on Friday, leaving him with over $22 million to add to his bank account. 

Among the collection of cars were 15 Porsches, one of which, a 1955 550 Spyder, sold for $5,335,000, and two Volkswagens. And while that seems like an unfathomable amount of cash, Jalopnik notes that the final sale came in about $10 million lower than the original estimate for his collection. It's also less than the actor made during the last season of "Seinfeld," during which he reportedly earned $1 million an episode for 24 episodes. 

There was also one car Seinfeld put up for auction that didn't sell -- a 2000 Porsche Carrera GT Prototype. The car was reportedly only one of two in the entire world. 

The comedian previously said in a statement that he loved his cars and would've kept them if he had the space and time to take care for them, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"[T]he reason I wanted to bid these cars farewell in this way is really just to see the look of excitement on the faces of the next owners who I know will be out of their minds with joy that they are going to get to experience them," he said in February.

Joy and empty pockets, that is. 



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