Jerry Springer: Barack Obama Is ‘Truly Exceptional'

Jerry Springer Calls President Obama ‘Truly Exceptional'

Before taking the stage Monday at the Cincinnati Music Hall ballroom, President Barack Obama met with a group of supporters backstage, including talk show host Jerry Springer. Springer, a longtime supporter of Democrats, later described the president as "truly exceptional."

“I was honored to meet with President Obama today and felt the meeting was substantive,” Springer said Monday. “He’s so competent and so smart, I just don't see why we wouldn't want him for four more years as president.”

When Jerry is not taping his well-known show, he travels the country, giving speeches and fundraising for Democrats. Springer, a former mayor of Cincinnati, makes frequent trips to Ohio. He has a speech coming up at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and recently appeared in East Liverpool on behalf of local Democrats.

“I’m a long-standing supporter of the Democratic Party and believe in President Obama,” Springer said. “I met with the president and about a dozen other people for a little over an hour. I have met with lots of politicians, but this man is truly exceptional. I’m a die-hard supporter of President Barack Obama.”

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