Jerry Springer: Fox News Will Fade Because 'Liberals Always Win'

Jerry Springer stood behind a recent theory that Fox News is fading away and will eventually fail, despite the network's continuous winning streak over the ratings.

The talk show host agreed with New York magazine columnist Frank Rich's latest piece that Fox News is heading toward termination. Springer said in an interview on HuffPost Live Tuesday that the conservative network will lose its power as the country becomes increasingly liberal.

"Liberals always win," Springer said. "The way that humanity progresses is that initially conservatives who want to conserve as things are will fight any change, but eventually the people that want change will win.... Roger Ailes has a business model that works. He sells his news to a particular market that wants to hear that, that's fine. But what he [Frank Rich] means about it dying is that ultimately, the conservatives will lose!"

Springer has spoken out before against Fox News. And although the network just dominated the ratings again in January, Springer said that the falling popularity of cable tv makes that one high point insignificant.

"What is it, 3, 4 percent of America watches it [cable news]?" he said. "You could be #1 in cable, and more people are bowling than watching cable news...the public doesn't care about the ratings."

Even so, Springer admitted that he is among that small percentage of people who still gets "intoxicated" by his love of watching cable news.

Watch the video for the full segment on HuffPost Live.



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