Jerry Springer: 'Why Would You Ever Hate Barack Obama?'

Jerry Springer sat down with HuffPost Live on Tuesday, questioning why the public holds any hatred toward President Barack Obama.

Springer, who is hosting a new Discovery Channel series called "TABLOID," argued that "we have built such disrespect for the president" -- a thought that is unacceptable in his mind.

"Why would you ever hate Barack Obama?," Springer asked. "You may not like his policies. You may say 'respectfully sir, I disagree. I'm going to vote this way or I want that.' But is there a human being on the planet Earth that wouldn't want Barack Obama as a son? I mean look at what this young man has achieved, and what he's done on his own, and how he's become this great leader."

Springer has expressed similar support for Obama in the past. Back in July 2012, during the heat of Obama's reelection campaign, the longtime Democratic supporter described the president as "truly exceptional."

“He’s so competent and so smart, I just don't see why we wouldn't want him for four more years as president," Springer said at the time

Watch his interview with HuffPost Live above.



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