Jerry Springer: Reality TV Is More Democratic Than Politics (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jerry Springer: My Show Is Stupid ... And It's Real

Is reality TV more democratic than America's political system?

If you ask Jerry Springer, the king of tabloid TV, the answer is 'yes.'

Springer joined HuffPost Live Thursday for a spirited discussion on health care, gun control and the degradation of what we consider entertainment.

Springer, who once served as the Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, gained national fame in 1991 with the debut of "The Jerry Springer Show." The program recently celebrated its 22nd season.

"I am the father of the destruction of Western civilization," Springer jokingly told HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski.

Springer blamed the "democratization of the media" for turning entertainment into an arena where anyone can be famous. As much as his show contributed to that, Springer said, "at least our show is reality."

"What we call reality shows today aren't really reality," he told HuffPost Live.

Springer also had harsh words for the American political system, criticizing the nation's leaders for turning health care into an exhaustive debate, while funneling money into defense spending without question.

"We didn't hold hearings and say, 'how much is this going to cost?' We just went to war," Springer said. "But then you talk about something that's real, the diseases that would affect us all, and somehow it's okay 30 million Americans don't have health insurance?"

"How can you say you love America, and not give a damn about Americans?" Springer asked.

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