2 Cops Allegedly Attack Domino's Pizza Manager For Missed Delivery

"What can I do? He’s a police officer. I can’t do anything back,” the manager said about the incident.

Two police officers in Jersey City, New Jersey, have been suspended after a surveillance video showed one of them allegedly attacking a Domino’s Pizza manager over a missed delivery.

Rodney Clark and Courtney Solomon have both been charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and making terroristic threats for the incident, which occurred Tuesday evening, according to the Jersey Journal.

Store manager Mena Kirolos told NBC New York that his driver arrived at the customer’s location but added the driver’s calls were not answered.

The incident then started when one of the accused officers complained online about a delivery issue. A short time later, one of the officers called complaining about the missed connection.

Employee Marina Elsamina told the Journal the officers showed up at the store a short time later to confront the store manager.

Elsamina said the accused officers shoved him against the wall and threatened to lock up Kirolos. They left after he called 911.

“We confront customers every day who fight with us, but he’s using his police powers,” Elsamina said.

Surveillance video shows the two officers barging into the restaurant. When Kirolos walks out of a back room, one of the officers grabs him and pushes him against a wall.

“(I was thinking) What can I do?” Kirolos told NBC New York. “He’s a police officer. I can’t do anything back.”

Kirolos said one of the officers told him “I’ll lock you up,” while the other cop tried to defuse the situation by taking it outside.

Both Clark and Solomon were arrested as a result of Kirolos’ 911 call.

The Jersey City Police Department has suspended the two officers without pay, pending an April 10 court date, according to WPIX TV. The department has employed them since 2015.

Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said her office will fully investigate the allegations to ensure that justice is served.”

“Officers who abuse their power and break the law must be held accountable for their actions,” she told the Jersey Journal.

HuffPost reached out to the police department, which did not immediately respond.

Meanwhile, Kirolos hopes the officers will apologize for their behavior.

“I don’t like being cursed at, being touched,” he told NBC New York. “I only demanded an apology. That’s it.”




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