8 Most Ridiculous 'Jersey Shore' Endorsed Products

The "Jersey Shore" cast gets a lot of flak for their drunken GTL antics but, we have to say, when it comes to making dough, they rake it in.

Last year, Pauly D earned the No. 7 spot on Forbes' top-earning DJs list with an estimated $11 million. Petite powerhouse Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's net worth is approximately $4 million thanks to the New York Times best-seller's growing empire of products and deals.

While some of the cast's endorsements have us shaking our heads, from Gluten-free bronzers and biographical books, check out these products and ventures with the "Jersey Shore" stamp of approval.

8. The Situation for FLOW Formal Wear: Mike Sorrentino gave us his best suit and tie modeling for the tuxedo line's Fall 2011 collection. Who knew guidos suited up?
situation formal

7. Vinny Guadagnino for Philips Norelco grooming company: The talk show host made it a priority for bros to be clean shaven. Stubble does not equal DTF.
vinny philips norelco

6. Snooki's Crocodilly: Nothing like a nod to your childhood stuffed animal during a smush session, am I right?

5. Dirty Couture by Pauly D: The DJ's clothing line outlasted JWoww's now-shuttered Filthy Couture. One word makes all the difference, even when dressing like a complete tool.
pauly d dirty couture

4. IHAV for Do Something tshirts: Vinny has a vision, you guys. It's to stomp out kid bullies with inappropriate expletives ("F*** Bullies). Points for the charitable cause though.

3. Situation's comic book: Abs of steel? Yawn.

2. Smush Cocktails: Much better than The Situation's protein packed vodka. Ronnie Magro hawks this line of low calorie drinks (34 per serving, bro) with the tagline, "full flavor zero guilt." Just like when you do sex!

1. Team Snooki Boxing: Not a joke. The guidette represents Irish boxing brother trio Patrick, Eddie and Paul Hyland. Her business partner is Papa Snooks. Again, this is real.
team snooki boxing

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