Jersey Shore Fight: Ronnie Gets Into Vicious Fight (VIDEO)

Jersey Shore Fight: Ronnie Gets Into Vicious Fight (VIDEO)

Another "Jersey Shore" episode, another fight. Actually, make that fights. The MTV reality show, which follows a group self-described "guidos" as they live on and lay waste to a strip of the Jersey Shore for six weeks, is no stranger to controversy. In last week's episode female house member Snooki was viciously punched in the face by a man in a bar. The ensuing outcry was so large that MTV decided not to show the actual punch. (However, you can watch it here.)

Last night Snooki got into an altercation again, albeit a much tamer one, this time with girls. The real fight this time involved the massive cast member Ronnie. First in a bar, then while walking along the boardwalk, a man (probably trying to impress his girlfriend) kept provoking Ronnie in an effort to start a fight. He succeeded, and Ronnie then beat him up for his efforts.


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