'Jersey Shore' Poses With Bar Refaeli, Talks Lindsay Lohan (PHOTOS)

'Jersey Shore' Poses With Bar Refaeli, Talks Lindsay Lohan (PHOTOS)


The men of 'Jersey Shore' show the results of GTL and get close with Bar Refaeli in a shoot for Interview magazine.

Pauly D on celebrity fans:
"Lindsay Lohan, Ashton Kutcher. Diddy's a fan. I heard Denzel Washington's a fan. Lindsay's cool. When we went to the club, she pulled me aside and said, 'Pauly D! I love your show.' We were hanging out with her mother [Dina Lohan]."

Ronnie on Alyssa Milano calling for the show's cancellation:
"Look at who you have: You have UNICO [the Italian-American service organization]. No one even knew who UNICO was until we came around. Alyssa Milano? What's the last thing she's done, Who's the Boss? It's like, who's the boss, now, Alyssa? (laughs) Any publicity is good publicity. They gave us an opportunity; they put us on the news. It made people want to watch us. We got five million viewers."

Vinnie on the photo shoot:
"We posed with the most beautiful model in the world, Bar Refaeli. Got a little intense with her. Wearing some Italian designer clothes. We're just, like, posing with her and getting very touchy. I liked it."

Pauly D on his worst moment on the show:
Probably when J-Woww saw my [penis] piercing. I was like, "Shhh, no one knows." And now everybody knows.


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