'Jersey Shore': Roger Unapologetic After Shoving JWoww To The Ground In Bar Brawl (VIDEO)

It was the aftermath of last week's brutal bar fight on "Jersey Shore." Roger was involved in the fight, and he didn't hesitate to throw girlfriend JWoww to the ground when she tried to break it up. This week, they dealt with the aftermath, which included a startling and disturbing revelation.

Roger was still heated up, yelling at Jenni, "You think you can stop me?" She'd sprained her ankle after he'd thrown her to the ground.

When Deena tried to diffuse the situation by telling Jenni that Roger hadn't known who it was that he threw to the ground, that's how Jenni saw it as well. "I’m not mad at him! He didn’t recognize me," Jenni insisted.

But Roger made sure to clear that up right away. "I recognized you the whole time!" he told her. When she retorted that he'd thrown her to the ground, he told her, "You deserved it."

Apparently, the couple was able to move on from this issue, though E! Online was disturbed by Roger's admission, while the New Jersey Star-Ledger couldn't believe Jenni seemed okay with the incident. They got engaged back in September, so it will be interesting to see how they went from scenes like this to feeling ready for marriage.

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