<i>Jersey Shore</i> Style is Banned From New Orleans Nightclub

The Situation is on notice -- Republic New Orleans nightclub has a new dress code on its door: "If it's on, it won't get through the door."
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2010-03-01-shore.jpg The Situation is on notice -- Republic New Orleans nightclub has a new dress code on its door: "If it's on Jersey Shore, it won't get through the door."

The idea came to Nick Thomas, Director of Programming, while watching the MTV show. "The whole thing is so funny because I was literally watching Jersey Shore in passing at 4 a.m. after being at Republic I thought, nothing would make me happier if not a single person dressed like this was in Republic. Then I thought, "Why can't that be the rule?" The club put a flier on its window at Mardi Gras and the dress code spread across Twitpix which led to a mention on NPR. "It's been well received because we have the best clientele, but I never thought the story would have this kind of national merit."

Specific brands mentioned include No Affliction and Ed Hardy, but Thomas clarifies that, "The dress code isn't limited to those brands, those are just the most obvious of the Jersey Shore-esque attire." He includes "any other knock bedazzled tee shirts or hideous foil inks. The dress code isn't about the brands, but the people that wear those brands. If a big beefy guy, over worked-out with way too much hair gel is copping an attitude at the door or anything within that realm, he's not getting through. Ultimately if the clientele in the club isn't starting fights or disprespecting women, everyone in the venue can have a good time."

What if Snooki really wants to see Spoon, would she be bounced at their upcoming Republic show? "Absolutely, Thomas answers, "if Snooki is wearing anything that Snooki wears, the same Jersey Shore-esque clothing she is known for and rocking a pouf." He points out that "If Snooki has a life changing event and starts dressing like a normal human being, by all means -- come and see Spoon."

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