Jerusalem And The Jews

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“Therefore, I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

These words, that were uttered today by President, Donald J. Trump, have revealed the truth of our history, and the undeniable connection of the Jewish people to their land, and to their eternal capital.

When a Jew – regardless of background and affiliation - enters into the gates of Jerusalem, Jerusalem enters into the gates of that Jew too. Its holy avenues - soaked with the blood, sweat, and tears of our people - seek to make their way into the chambers of the Jewish soul. And its ancient walls - with the "Western Wall" above them all - call the Jew's name, as they sing the songs, and cry the cries of the nation of Israel, from its very inception until this very day.

For over three thousand years, Jews have had a profound, and undeniable, connection with Jerusalem.

Every time we pray, we turn toward its geographical location, and we beseech G-d to "return to Jerusalem" and "re-establish the throne of David within its walls."

Every Passover, we conclude the Passover Seder with the reverberating wish of "Next Year in Jerusalem."

And every time we eat, we ask G-d to "rebuild Jerusalem.. and bring us up into it and gladden us in its rebuilding and let us eat from its fruit and be satisfied with its goodness.”

Today, the United States of America has recognized that which G-d decided for the Jewish people at the beginning of times. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy.

Yet, just as the United States of America has re-affirmed Jerusalem as Israel's capital today, so too, we must re-affirm Jerusalem as the capital of our collective Jewish heart and soul.

We ought to re-commit ourselves to its majestic story and add to its infinite treasures, our own pages of Jewish life and living. And we ought to re-commit ourselves to its Divine fire and illuminate every corner of our world, with acts of goodness, and deeds of kindness.

Our renewed commitment and re-dedication to Jerusalem and to its holy and eternal message will then undoubtedly culminate with the building of its Third Temple and our final redemption.

May it happen speedily. Amen.