Jesse Hodgson Pleads Guilty: Accused Of Forcing 11-Year-Old To Participate In Diaper Fetish (VIDEO)

A former Longmont-area firefighter has pleaded guilty to forcing his 11-year-old stepdaughter to watch him urinate in an adult diaper before changing him. His stepdaughter was also allegedly forced to wear an adult diaper as punishment on two occasions.

Jesse Hodgson, 37, has at least three known victims and must now register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to felony attempted sexual assault, misdemeanor sexual exposure and misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact.

Firestone police arrested Hodgson in December after investigating reports that he sexually assaulted an intoxicated woman related to him at a Memorial Day party while he wore an adult-size diaper, according to police reports, and that he exposed himself to a child as he pursued a sexual fetish for wearing diapers and having others change them after they were soiled.

Hodgson will be sentenced July 30 and faces a maximum prison sentence of three years.

WATCH CBS Denver's coverage of Hodgson's arrest here: