Jesse Jackson: Dan Gilbert Sees LeBron James As 'Runaway Slave'

Jesse Jackson: Cleveland Owner Sees LeBron As 'Runaway Slave'

LeBron James might have left the Cavs for the Heat, but suddenly there's a lot more heat back in Cleveland.

According to the Associated Press, the Rev. Jesse Jackson is upset with an open letter written by Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert after his star player decided to move to Miami. The bitter comments directed toward the free agent sound like they're directed at a "runaway slave," according to Jackson.

Gilbert's letter, addressed to his team's fans, derided James as "narcissistic" and claimed that he "deserted" Cleveland.

The AP left messages for Gilbert, the Cavaliers, James and the NBA on Sunday night for reaction to Jackson, who said the comments in the letter "personify a slave master mentality" and that Gilbert should face a "challenge" from the league.

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