Jesse Jackson Has Aligned Himself With The For-Profits

Jesse Jackson Has Aligned Himself With The For-Profits
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Jesse Jackson is aligning himself with the for-profits, and the Congressional Black Caucus is being lured in by the for-profits, too. (Luckily, the NAACP has not taken a stand like Jackson's). It's clear that the money is being thrown at them relentlessly.

On top of that, any Democrat is for sale when it comes to being bought off by this insidious industry. This industry should be treated like the tobacco industry, and that's what I dream of happening some day. However, if none of these people have the courage to take a stand and fight for student debtors, that will never happen ,will it? There you have it. Great day, right? Great news. What a friggin' joke. What a cruel, cruel joke. I doubt the student debtors are laughing about this news. Does anyone give a damned about the student borrowers?

To make matters worse, you have Michelle Singletary at the WP. Oh, yeah, she's a so-called expert on this topic. She's calling for an increase in Pell Grants. I call that a huge conflict of interest. So... you have the ads, the political contributions, the pay-offs to the interest groups, and this whole sorry for-profit mess is being paid for on the backs of taxpayers and students who are forced to borrow for their education.

Folks, today, is grim. I have mentioned many times that I'd like to run for political office so that I can be a public servant and be of service to the American people. But I fear that that isn't what this is about anymore. It's about being a shill, and pretending to care about your constituents at the same time. That's not an easy thing to juggle, I'll hand it to these politicians. Some may even accuse me of being entirely naive, and will let me know that politics has always been a mess like this.. But I beg to disagree. We had statesmen like FDR in the past. He implemented one of the boldest programs ever, and it helped millions of people in the U.S. I realize that was a different era, but why can't we see that again? Why must we accept this sorry state of affairs? Why can't we have politicians with values and politicians who give a damned about the American people and not the lobbyists?

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