Jesse Jackson Warns Voters About Republican Intentions

“The scope of what they won’t do is breathtaking," the civil rights activist said in his latest column for the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Just say no. That seems to sum up the position of Republicans in the Congress these days,” civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson began his column calling out elected GOP officials in the Chicago Sun-Times on Monday.

“The scope of what they won’t do is breathtaking,” said Jackson, who noted how the majority of Republicans are opposed to pretty much every Democratic proposal — even if there is overwhelming support on the issue, such as the demand for sensible gun control laws.

Jackson later warned people not to fall for GOP attempts to rewrite history.

“Of course, when they run for re-election, Republicans will take credit for Biden’s American Rescue Plan that was passed without one Republican vote,” he said.

“No one should be fooled,” Jackson concluded. “At a time when America faces cascading crises, Republicans just say no. If we want even to begin to address the troubles we have, voters will have to say no to those who are standing in the way.”