Jesse Tyler Ferguson Reveals He's Being Treated For Cancer

The 'Modern Family' actor thanked his doctor on Instagram.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has received treatment for cancer -- but it hasn't cost him his sense of humor.

On Tuesday, the "Modern Family" actor posted a photo of himself on Instagram, wearing a large white bandage on his cheek, with a caption thanking a "Dr. Bennett" for "taking the cancer out of [his] face." He did not reveal details about the type of cancer, but the fact that it called for a bandage (and, perhaps, that there is a respected dermatologist named Richard Bennett who practices in Los Angeles) led some to speculate that it was skin cancer

In the Instagram post, the 40-year-old also jokingly compared the bandage to the mask from "Phantom of the Opera" and wished the "Modern Family" makeup team luck hiding the stitches. Ferguson is currently filming the seventh season of the acclaimed ABC comedy. 

Ferguson is not the first celebrity to use Instagram to go public with his skin cancer battle; Hugh Jackman posted about his own in 2013. Both actors also used their posts to promote sunscreen use (note Ferguson's "#spf75" comment), which can help prevent skin cancer.

Ferguson's husband, 30-year-old lawyer Justin Mikita, is also a cancer survivor, having been treated successfully for Hodgkin's lymphoma when he was just 13 years old. The pair has raised money for cancer research in the past. 

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