Jesse Tyler Ferguson Sums Up The VP Debate In Just One Tweet

The actor's takeaway is spot-on.

The vice presidential debate between Sen. /www.huffingtonpost.com/news/tim-kaine/"}}">Tim Kaine and Gov. /www.huffingtonpost.com/news/mike-pence/"}}">Mike Pence focused heavily on what Donald Trump has or has not said during the campaign.

Kaine repeatedly went on offense bringing up various stances Trump has taken on topics such as immigration, Russia and nuclear proliferation. Instead of defending Trump’s statements, Pence would repeatedly dodge the attacks simply by saying Trump hadn’t said what Kaine was claiming. He further accused the senator of making up ridiculous facts about Trump and himself.

As Kaine pressed Pence about him refusing to defend his running mate, Pence continued to claim he’d be happy to defend Trump, but then would quickly pivot instead.

If you skipped watching the debate and want an easily digestible summary, you can basically get the gist by reading this one tweet from actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. 

For a more nuanced take on the night, make sure to check out the recap from The Huffington Post Politics’ section.

And if you want to read more of Ferguson’s opinions about the debate and election, you can follow him on Twitter @jessetyler.



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