Jesse Ventura Lays Waste To <i>Fox And Friends</i> (VIDEO)

Jesse Ventura Lays Waste To(VIDEO)

My word, Jesse Ventura is basically straight up walking across America from one television news studio to the next, just plain wreckin' whatever fools he finds hanging out there, like he was Caine in Kung Fu or something. Here's a clip of Ventura dispensing his version of street justice to the gaggle of naifs that host Fox And Friends. Brian Kilmeade, who I believe the kids call "the Brown one," is goaded into riling Ventura up on waterboarding, and it doesn't really go well. "If we're not going to be a country that goes by the rule of law when it's convenient or inconvenient then what do we stand for?" Ventura asked. Kilmeade whined back that things are different when "people are on fire" and "buildings are blowing up." Ventura maintains, "I wouldn't torture," properly citing the fact that it produces "baloney."

Oy. Then the Brown one says that his support for torturing the bejeezus out of people will end when "they're dead," which was not a smart thing to say to Ventura. "Really? Have you enlisted? Have you enlisted or are you just talking?... Go walk the walk, don't talk the talk."

Actually, I think we can all agree that having Brian Kilmeade attempt to defend this country in any capacity would be one of the worst ideas imaginable.


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