Jesse Ventura Unloads: The Parties, The Chickenhawks, And His Revolution

Pro-Wrestler-turned-Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura went on Larry King Live Tuesday and unloaded on a variety of topics, including his take on the 2008 presidential candidates, what he's looking for in a commander-in-chief, and whether he plans on running for president. Ventura told King that he thinks it's time for a revolution in the United States, that we are a nation of "lemmings," and that the only difference between the two major political parties and street gangs are that the politicians wear Brooks Brothers suits. After blasting the two-party "dictatorship" in America, he gave his opinion of the three presidential candidates (hint: it wasn't very favorable). And he reserved special judgment for the "chickenhawks" who he said marched the country into war in Iraq.

Watch Jesse Ventura talk about the need for a revolution:

Jesse Ventura on the 2008 presidential field:

Larry King asks Jesse Ventura if he is going to run for President:

Ventura rips the Chickenhawks:

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