Jesse Watters Falls For Fake Photo Of Shark Swimming In Houston

Know your internet hoaxes, Fox News.

Jesse Watters of Fox News just got reeled in by a whopper of a fish tale.

On “The Five” Monday night, the host recounted some memorable images from the catastrophic storm Harvey that has walloped Houston.

 “I’ve seen some amazing things out there just looking at television over the weekend ― alligators on people’s back doorsteps. I saw a shark on the highway swimming in the water.”

When co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle commented “like ‘Sharknado’ ” Watters echoed, “like Sharknado.”

That segment came back to bite him hard. As many outlets have pointed out, the photo Watters saw is the same picture that has circulated through several floods before ― and it’s a photoshopped FAKE.

This time, the hoax appeared to have gained steam when a Scottish blogger named Jason Michael McCann posted the image with a misspelled #HurricaneHarvy hashtag. “Of course I knew it was fake, it was part of the reason I shared the bloomin’ thing,” McCann told BuzzFeed.

Watters tweeted Tuesday that he was sorry if his shark remarks caused any “concern or alarm,” though he didn’t exactly retract his original report.

Hayley Miller contributed reporting.

This story has been updated to include Watters’ follow-up tweets.