Fox News Host Admits The Creepy Way He Got A Younger Coworker To Date Him

“It has a happy ending," Jesse Watters said of his methods. The two married in 2020.

Fox News host Jesse Watters’ concept of romance is striking many people as creepy.

Last Monday, Watters told his co-hosts on “The Five” how he managed to woo his wife, Emma — who was a younger producer working on his show at the time — by sabotaging her car.

“When I was trying to get Emma to date me, the first thing I did was let the air out of her tires,” Watters said. “She couldn’t go anywhere. She needed a lift, I said, ‘You need a lift?’ She hopped right in the car.”

Watters’ co-hosts were shocked.

“You’re basically the Zodiac Killer,” Greg Gutfeld exclaimed.

“It has a happy ending,” Watters said, a reference to the fact he married her in 2020 (even though he was married when they first met).

Jeannine Pirro had one big question: “Is that the first time you did it, or did you use that before?”

Watters sheepishly said, “It works like a charm.”

You can see the segment below.

Many Twitter users didn’t think Watters’ method of coercion or manipulation was as romantic as he did.

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