Jesse Williams Has A Gif For Every Situation In Hilarious 'Funny Or Die' Video

"That feeling when your mom throws out your GameBoy."

Jesse Williams, actor, activist, and woke bae, has teamed up with "Funny or Die" in a hilarious parody video. In the clip, published on Wednesday, Williams introduces the fictional TFW Labs, an institute that creates "hyper specific gifs for every situation." 

"We all know that gifs are a great way to express yourselves online," Williams says in the video. "But what happens when the feeling you want to express is so specific that you can't find any good gifs out there to encapsulate it? Well, that's where we come in." 

Joined by singer Kelis and "Black-ish" star Yara Shahidi, Williams offers up examples of some of those hard-to-define life situations that have just been begging to be turned into a gif, including:

"That feeling you get when you catch your little sister painting all over your collection of first-edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures."

"That feeling when you're meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time for dinner and they don't season their food. But you have hot sauce in your bag, so you have to slink down awkwardly and try to grab that bag with your foot under the table."

Genius. Of course, TFW Labs doesn't exist, but in reaI life Williams has the next best thing. In January, he announced that he and wife Aryn Drake-Lee were launching a new smartphone keyboard app called Ebroji. The app brlliantly allows users to choose from a curated library of reaction GIFs geared towards black users. The categories include "Blackness," "Michael Jordan Crying" and "I Can't Even."

Good looking out, Mr. Williams. 

Watch the full hilarious video above.



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