Jessica Alba Gets Drunk At Husband's Pajama Party, Gives Cake To Cops

Jessica Alba may have had a little too much fun at husband Cash Warren's birthday party. Not that we're holding it against her …

Warren turned 35 last month and the couple celebrated by hosting a pajama pizza party in their home, as grown ups usually do. "You have a pajama pizza party and you play games and so we're all wearing onesies because like what else should adults wear? We're playing really grown up games like Twister, and Jenga with a twist," Alba joked about the event on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

However, pizza and board games weren't the only way for the jammies–clad revelers to celebrate. Free–flowing drinks caused a few of the guests, including Warren's father, to have a really good time.

"Popo got a little drunk," Alba recalled of her father–in–law, "and then he called me the next day and he was like, 'That was a fun party and the punch ... It got me. I got loopy and then when the cops came.' I was like, the cops? The cops came?"

Apparently, the Alba–Warren clan knows how to throw down hard enough to attract cops like a frat party. The incident didn't phase a tipsy Alba, though, because she knew just how to handle the situation.

The actress went on: "He was like, 'Yeah, you gave them Cash's cake! You answered the door and you gave ...' I was like, I don't remember that at all. They came by to tell us to turn the music down."

Whether or not Alba remembers it, bribing the police with sugar is actually pretty brilliant. Everyone likes cake.



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