Jessica Alba's Sexy Women's Health Cover: Actress Reveals How She Maintains Her Hot Body (PHOTOS)

Looking good doesn't come easy ... well maybeit does, if you're Jessica Alba.

The 31-year-old mom-of-two doesn't just magically have killer abs (seriously, she "hates working out"), but instead of worrying about exercising, she tries to make it fun. Alba covers the March issue of Women's Health magazine and reveals her workout routine and simple secrets to de-stressing.

"I like doing dance classes. That's fun. Like hip hop class, mixed with like core pilates-type exercises," Alba, whose new book "The Honest Life" hits shelves on March 12, confesses to Women's Health, adding that she likes to do spin classes at Flywheel while in New York. "And sometimes I do sprint intervals just because I hate working out," she continues, "Anything where I have to do something but I can get my mind off of doing it, that's so much better for me than anything that's repetitive. Or the music has to be loud and I have to be moving."

Alba's key to squeezing in a quick sweat session is having a treadmill in her house, so she can sneak away. "So when I’m at home and I’m working out and I don’t have a partner with me, I like to put bad television on. Usually a pretty embarrassing reality TV show and I do sprint intervals," she reveals. "So I’ll sprint for a minute and walk for 30 seconds and do that on and off for 20-30 minutes usually."

But luckily for her, Alba gets to be greeted by her two adorable daughters Honor, 4, and Haven, 1, who cheer her up after an overwhelming day.

"Spending time with my kids kind of does take all the stress away, weirdly. I'm in the moment with them. They make me so happy, they're pure joy," Alba admits to Women's Health. "I know they're not going to be little forever, so I really soak up as much as I possibly can with them. That's kind of how I de-stress."

Check out Jessica's Women's Health cover shoot below and see more photos here:

jessica alba sexy

jessica alba sexy



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