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Jessica Biel Is Just Like Us, A 'Human Vacuum Cleaner'

Every parent has done this.

And thank you #bagelbroker for providing free bagels for all of us! #bagelsforpresident

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Most parents know that “meals” usually mean shoving your kids’ leftovers down your throat for some basic caloric sustenance in between chasing them around.

But Jessica Biel bravely came forward as the spokeswoman for moms everywhere this week when she told People Magazine that she functions as a “human vacuum cleaner” at her house.

“I’m the human vacuum cleaner at the end of the meal!” the actress told the magazine. “That is what happens when you are a mom or a dad. You make food, they eat what they eat, and you literally — as they are running off trying to grab something — you are shoveling the last few bites off of their plate. And that is your lunch… that is your lunch.”

Biel has a 21-month-old son named Silas with husband Justin Timberlake.

This isn’t the first time Jessica Biel has represented the everymom when it comes to mealtime. In October, the 34-year-old posted an Instagram photo of a fork, a plate and a cup of coffee in the shower, implying that was the only place she could hide out to get a bite to eat.

Yes. I eat in the shower. I admit it. Chicken apple sausage and espresso. Try it. I dare you. #ShowerEats

A photo posted by Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel) on

Perhaps that’s why she launched a restaurant in West Hollywood with a dedicated space for children to play.

Biel also told People she doesn’t always cook for her toddler.

“I’m not saying that I cook that all of the time,” she said. “A lot of the time we are doing the best that we can — maybe just picking up pre-made stuff from Whole Foods.”

Jessica, just wait until your kid starts handing you all his trash and you join the ranks of “human garbage can.” It happens to every parent.