Jessica Bottoms Attacked Haunted House Employees: Police

Wine and spirits don't mix, at least not for a Kentucky woman who allegedly drank too much and punched an actor at a haunted house.

According to a criminal citation, Jessica Bottoms, 24, was making her way through the halls of the Haunted Hotel attraction in Louisville Saturday, when she came upon a performer who was apparently doing his scare job a little too well. Police say Bottoms reacted by shoving her fist into his face.

When asked to leave, Bottoms allegedly became combative and grabbed and kicked other Haunted Hotel employees and had to be restrained, police said.

Louisville Metro Police officers were called to the scene to assist. According to arrest records, Bottoms, who police said was obviously intoxicated, continued fighting with officers.

Bottoms was eventually subdued and booked into the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections on preliminary charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

No word yet on which attraction Bottoms liked better.